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Home from work and finding great stuff online!

Man, I'm thrilled! I just found out that I can listen to almost all the albums from a band that I really like right off their website and the quality is GREAT!! I just bought their most recent live CD set and now I want to order the rest of the CDs. I've been listening to this band for at least 4 years now and really like them. If you're interested in a kind of funk/reggae/alternative type of band you can check them out and listen at:

So happy right now!!

I also downloaded a song from Neko Case from iTunes that I really like. I think I'm going to purchase the whole CD from iTunes since I like the sound of the songs and her voice. The one that I already grabbed was the free weekly download. You can find good stuff from there! Jboy already grabbed the new Hawksley Workman CD the other day without ever having to leave the house. I think it's great since I tend to toss most of the CD cases anyway. This saves that extra bit of waste and is uber-convenient! Then there's the fact that I just love finding new artists and songs to listen to!

The sore throat that I had this morning seems to be feeling better now too. I think staying home and resting my voice was exactly what I was needing today. My doctor figures that my throat problem is just a virus but he did say I should rest my voice... not easy to do working in the call centre. Hopefully this day of rest will do the trick. This weekend was the first weekend that it didn't get aggravated though, so I think I might be on the mend.
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