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I was cleaning my glasses a little whle ago and realized there was a crack in my frames… then they fell apart. Looks like I’ll be getting new glasses sooner than I thought. Of course it had to happen when I’m low on money and have a whole week for my next paycheque! Of course it takes a while for the glasses to be made too, so I think I’m going to have to see if I can glue these ones back together in the meantime. That’s what I get for choosing plastic frames. I loved these frames dammit!! Aaargh!

I think I'm going to pop into the optometrist office after work today... maybe I can make an appointment for sometime in the near future.
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My dad broke his frames once, right in the middle, and he used crazy glue to keep them together until he got new ones. Unfortunately, he used too much, and it kinda looked like a booger on his glasses.
Hope that made you chuckle.
haha!! Mine are now taped together. Very stylish indeed. I wonder if a booger would hold better! :P