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I couldn't think of a witty subject and I didn't want to leave it blank, so that will have to do.

I spent most of my day yesterday in front of the TV playing Final Fantasy on the playstation. I am now on the final disk and realizing just how much stuff I've missed somehow! OOPS! Anyway, I can still kick all the enemy's asses, so it's all good. Of course I'm thinking of doing it againg just to get EVERYTHING, take my time with it... of course, don't tell my roomies or they might kill me! ;)

I got a really nice little card from userinfoHazelbranch yesterday to cheer me up. It was really neat and definitely a keeper. It has a picture of a witch on her broom backlit by the full moon! :D

I've already written a bit of a clarification to yesterdays ramblings in one of the repsonses to userinfoPhairalore's post, but I wanted to add another little thing because I think it needs to be said. I wasn't saying I don't have friends, I do have friends... I guess what I was really trying to get at was that I didn't have anyone that I have a mutual devotion/bond with that is just ours. Maybe I'm really just saying that I'm single without actually saying it, but I do believe that you can have platonic friends who you have that special bond with, a relationship that takes precedence over pretty much anything else. I also may be way off base!

At least I'm in a better mood today. Played some more Final Fantasy this morning and now I have my TV finally set up in my room, which actually took some doing because I didn't have a coaxial cable long enough to reach the spot where it was supposed to go. I'm also cleaning up in here a bit which is good. I still haven't gotten anymore schoolwork done and I really need to because I have a quiz next week. Got my groceries done though...thank the gods! I was low on food and really needed it. It also feels good to get things done.

As for this cleaning... I don't know if I'll ever get it done. It stays orderly for a few days usually and then ends up right back at a state of chaos... perhaps that's why I feel drawn to Chaos Magick! I'm really messing things up around me because I'm a Chaos Mage on the inside!! Yeah! That's it!! >:)
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*laughs* I'm Chaos with a Capital C. I can surely relate to that... it's all I can do not to throw my hands up in the air and say the F word a few times.

It does feel good to get things done. I wish my motivation would kick in. Mood is ok. It's been ok for the better part of a week, but motivation is nil.

Like you, although rather than FF, I turn to The Sims as my primary form of escapism...heheh. My Sims house is clean. I even imported all our faces so they look like us but are living the life we would like to live. We even had a baby - I named her Simantha. *laughs* I pondered on writing that in my journal but figured most people would consider me a Loser with the capital L.

Anyway... good luck getting your homework done. What kind of homework is it?

I have some paying work to do.
Yup, same with me on the motivation...once I get going I can usually keep it up for a good amount of time, but getting started...not so easy.

I've never played the Sims but I had a friend who did and I played SimCity. Veeeery addictive for sure!

The homework is for my Sociology of Religion class. It's a wee bit dry, but I think I'm finally starting to get into it.

Now, to unglue myself from this machine again!