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Basement apartment

I am so insanely happy right now I could burst! I just had a look at the basement apartment that I'm thinking of moving in to and it's even better than I'd hoped!! It's in quite a state of renovation but I could tell that it's going to be just what I'm looking for!! There are three windows, two in the main section and one in the bathroom (I LOVE having a bathroom window), two closets and a nice big main area for all my furniture! The lady that manages things told me that they're also planning on putting in a little L shaped counter in the kitchen, which would be wonderful for preparing meals! The kitchen is off to the side so that it's a bit separated from the actual room, which is just perfect! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished!

There does seem to be a lot of work to do though and I don't think it will be ready for April first but the landlord said "April" so hopefully it won't be too far into April. Who knows, maybe I'll be surprised and it will be ready on the first! That would definitely be a treat for me!!

I'm so excited! I told the "manager" that I love it and just need to know the price but apart from that I definitely want to move in there. It's just what I was looking for! The ceilings are high enough, it's warm and dry and it has a bit of storage space! It will be so wonderful to have a space of my own again where I can make my own rules!

*happy dance*
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Not wanting to burst your bubble, but does it have two exits? I have officially banned basement apartments in my future due to the fact that we had to get our upstairs friends to dig out our door twice this week so we could get out. Plus, did you ask about potential bug problems? It seems our place is a mecca for earwigs and spiders. Hopefully this will be a positive space for you.
Yay eggplant!
The manager actually lives in the other half of the basement and doesn't seem to have any trouble. There is only one exit but you have to go up some stairs before going down, so the door is raised quit a bit above ground. Besides, I live in Toronto! We don't get snow here! :P (okay, we do, just not much of it that stays for any length of time).

As for vermin, I don't mind spiders all that much but it was pretty cobweb free when I was down there, despite the fact that it was all dug up and open space. It's warm and dry so I'm not too concerned about vermin and they are renovating it too (the walls and everything) so it should be in pretty good shape. If vermin come, I'll just deal with it. The landlord is pretty good about making sure things are all in order though, so I can always let him know if there's a problem.