Grrrr!! Migraines!

What is with these migraines!? I've got a migraine again! I seem to be getting them more often and I'm not pleased about it. I hardly had any migraines when I was up North and I'm wondering what is causing the difference. It could be that there are more pressure changes here, I could be more stressed, it could be pollution...I just don't know and therefore I'm not sure how I can avoid it.

In other news, I've been feeling good about my new eating habits. I still get cravings for the occasional junk food but I seem to have more power over it now. I think that's because I can usually find something to satisfy the craving within the bounds of the diet.

I'm trying to make sure I eat a little something for breakfast these days too. Sometimes I manage it and sometimes I don't. I find my stomach gets a little bit upset when I eat right after waking up, so that tends to be a deciding factor in whether I'll eat something or not. I usually bring a few healthy snacks to munch on during the day anyway so I'll usually have something to eat before lunch.

[Edit]: So I ended up taking one of my prescription pills and I'm feeling much better. I'm a bit exhausted but the pain is gone. Of course I had about half an hour of feeling really stoned and not having very good control of my motor skills but thankfully I didn't have to take many calls during that time.
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How much caffeine do you drink? I know I get pounding headaches if I have too much coffee in one day.
I wish it was caffeine. When I was up North (where I didn't get the migraines nearly as much) I was drinking caffeine a lot. Now that I'm down here I only have it once in a while. I have prescription meds for it but they're so darn expensive that I tend not to take them unless I really need to.
I find that dehydration is a really factor with headaches for me - especially if I'm drinking alot of coffee (which has both the caffeine/duretic thang going one). I more often get them from caffeine withdrawal than overdose, tho.

I also have difficulty with breakfast - I'm SO not a morning person. But I find if I can get a little bit of protein in me (a yogurt drink, a bit of cheese or a glass of milk) it makes a world of difference to the way the rest of my day goes.
I've been pretty good about getting a good amount of water in my system every day, so I'm thinking it's something else but I'm not too sure what. Dehydration headaches (when I do get them) usually respond to regular pain killers... the migraines don't. So I'll usually try an advil first and if it doesn't work, I know that I'll probably have to go for the prescription.

I find that a protein breakfast works well for me but something really sweet or starchy doesn't do much for me at all and tends to make me feel kind of gross. I had cottage cheese this morning and that seemed to do the trick!
Cottage cheese is almost a staple for me -- I really like to have a tub of it on hand in the fridge for those early-morning rushes. A couple of forkfulls, and I'm ready to go!