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I picked up a new copy of a book I already had that's in storage at my mom's place today. It was easier to just spend the $14 and get myself a new copy than to try and either have her find it or pay the $150 train ticket to go and find it myself! It's called the Naturopathic Diet and it's a weight loss and healthy eating guide that I'd used in the past with great success. Strangely, it will probably fall in line pretty closely with my weight watchers as well, though not perfectly.

I realized the other day that I was really taking the wrong approach to eating and my food choices. I was thinking that I could have whatever I wanted as long as I stayed within my points. In theory, this is true, however, if I chose junk foods (which I often did), I'd end up using up all my points really quickly and feeling very hungry later in the day. In order to satisfy my hunger, I'd often go over my daily point/calorie limit for the day by quite a bit. With the Naturopathic Diet however, there is no point counting but there are some food restrictions for the weight loss stage simply because of the way the body breaks down the foods into sugar. The food that are restricted are mainly foods that I don't tend to each much of anyway (unless I'm eating junk foods) so I know that I'm not going to feel upset about not being able to eat them for a few weeks. Even the few things that I do like to eat that are restricted aren't usually things that are good for me (french fries) so it works out well.

I have a huge range of foods to choose from and I can generally eat as much as I need to feel satisfied. I'm supposed to have two fruits per day, as many veggies as I want (with the exception of starchy veggies) and lots of protein. The author is a naturopathic doctor and is big on tofu and organic foods which is cool since I'm a big fan of organic too. So I'm looking forward to getting into something that I think will work well with my own tastes and preferences. For the most part it should also line up pretty well with my weight watchers points too but I'm not going to be as concerned about the points aspect of things.

I got home from work today and was hit fairly shortly afterwards with a really bad headache. It wasn't a migraine but it was quite painful. I'm thinking it might have actually been eye strain because it seemed to go away after I took and advil and lay down for about an hour. I get this type of headache every now and again and I'm just glad that I was able to get rid of it so quickly. I seem to be getting headaches more often lately and I'm wondering what's actually causing them. I think that I might have to keep track of what I'm eating and such. I should probably also be making sure that I take my multivitamin each day. With any luck that will help keep my body more balanced.
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