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Morning news

You know, it's amazing how much of a difference having warm showers in the morning has on my mood. I was right in thinking that showering a bit later would solve the cold shower problem that I'd been having. It means a bit less time to dry my hair and such but it's definitely doable and highly worth it!

It was so nice this morning to be able to walk to the streetcar stop without having to bundle up! I actually walked with my jacket unzipped without noticing! Warmer weather is my friend!

I also remembered to bring my lunch this morning which makes me happy, especially since I just got more groceries yesterday. Of course, I now have a better idea of various options for lunch meals anyway but it's nice not to have to spend the money if you don't have to.

I'm feeling pretty energetic today and I think it's because I got lots of good sleep last night. I love sleep! I was a little worried that I'd wake up at 4 am or something ridiculous like that but I slept like a log right until the alarm went off.

Now, if only the work portion of my day would go by a little faster!

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