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Dr. Lucky was killed by a runcible spoon after stealing my beer money... or was he?

I had a great weekend! Friday was rough, largely due to the migraine but I had a really good chat with Jboy online and then got to bed early. I woke up fairly early on Saturday (8:30 am) and headed out to get my laundry done. It was ridiculously cold (well, at least for here) and I was thinking that it would have been a good day for my Arctic parka, but I bundled up with many layers, dropped off my laundry and went for a little walk up the street. It was nice and sunny out so it felt nice to soak up the rays but I wouldn't have wanted to stay out there very long.

After my mini-walk I threw my laundry into the dryer and went back to my place to chill for an hour while it dried. I used to be afraid to leave my laundry alone at the laundromat but I've given up caring recently and tend to just leave it do it's thing. I may end up regretting it someday but for now, I'll just enjoy doing something other than watching clothes spin around and around.

I called Jboy and woke him up and we made plans to meet up in order to head to Burlington. We actually ended up getting picked up in Mississauga and heading there as a foursome (tiger_eye, her brother, Jboy and I).

We spent most of the afternoon and evening playing a bunch of really funny games. One of them was called Dr. Lucky which pretty much involves chasing the Dr. around a big old house and trying to kill him. Of course, you can only kill him when no one is looking and there are cards that other people have that they use to make you fail... the failure cards and weapons that you get in this game are just hilarious! The other game that I got a kick out of was called Beer Money. It was a card game that was a pretty sick and twisted "kick each other's butts" kind of game. It was a blast!

Jboy and I got a drive back to the GO Station from Dee (Thanks Dee!!) and got home pretty late. We passed out pretty quickly and slept like the dead! Most of Sunday consisted of hanging out with friends, a quick hop to Chapters, followed by drinking and laughing ourselves silly. Have you ever seen someone mime choking themselves with an umbilical cord? I can now say that I have and it's hilarious! I'm sure we were all terribly loud and obnoxious, I know for a fact that we were lewd, but damn was it ever a lot of fun!

Today I was pretty tired but work went by pretty quickly. I'm apparently getting my three month review tomorrow and hopefully that will go well. I suppose I should try not to dress TOO much like a bum! LoL Should be interesting!
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