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Cursed migraines!

I got to leave work early today... unfortunately it was because I had a pretty bad migraine that just kept getting worse. I actually started having a lot of trouble focusing my mind on anything by the time I left but I wanted to stay long enough to be part of the big "good-bye" presentation for my manager since it was her last day. I passed out almost immediately after getting home but the migraine didn't go away with just sleep so I took one of my prescription pills. This has resulted in some rather annoying indigestion. *sigh* The migraine does seem to be passing but I'm going to have to go get something for the stomach now.
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I'm much better now, thanks. I'm still not used to working at a place that doesn't make you feel guilty for leaving because you're sick.
Yeah, I'm fairly certain that will keep up - or at least it should. You do have sick days, and that is what they are for - half days, 1/4 days, whatever... :)