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I had the best Valentine’s Day that I can remember this past Tuesday. I definitely fall into the category of people that doesn’t really expect anything for Valentine’s Day but love the excuse to be extra mushy and give my love a little something extra to let him know how much he means to me. I don’t limit myself to doing these things on V-Day but it give me an excuse to maybe go a little more over the top.

Sooo…. Jboy and I met up at a little pub at around ten o’clock. I was really looking forward to giving him his gift and hoped he’d be happy. As it turned out, I opened my gift first. I still can’t believe how much work he put into. He really does know how to make me smile.

Firstly, he’d made an origami box to put everything in and attached a really cute little pin (with a little character that looks a lot like MashiMaro on it) on the outside. Inside the box were some gorgeous origami flowers and an origami fox!! Jboy told me that he would have made me a cicada too so that I would have had one representing me (fox) and one representing him (cicada). I had to stop myself from grinning at this point because I’d actually made an origami cicada for him as part of his gift!

He also got me the most awesome, devilish little rubber ducky, some chocolates (yum!) and an amazing CD that I listened to on my way to work yesterday. At one point I almost started crying when I heard the lyrics of one song. Apparently the artist (Hawksley Workman) will be playing in Toronto in the new future and Jboy would like to go together. I think it would be great!

The music on the CD makes me smile. I was smiling on the streetcar yesterday and when one of the songs came on my iPod today, I stopped my reading, and just enjoyed the song… always smiling. (I love you Jboy!!)

He got to open his presents. I’d picked up a red carnation to attach to the front of the package and wrote a little love letter for him. I told him to save it until the end, so he opened up the package to find the cicada, some Godiva chocolate and an acorn I’d picked up at High Park for him on Sunday. The main gift, however, was the painting of the aspens/birch trees that I did recently. He said it looked even better in person. What a sweetie. No wonder I love him so much!! I think I almost did him in with the letter though. I just had to try and express how much he means to me.

We hung out until around midnight before heading home. The only downfall to the whole night was the fact that “home” was a different place for each of us. It would have been so nice to just be able to go home together, snuggle up and fall asleep in each other’s arms.
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