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My mom called me yesterday. I told her how I was feeling a bit down in the dumps and she told me that I should take some B vitamins and go for a nice walk to get some exercise. I really had no desire to go out in the cold weather but it was nice and sunny (as she kept repeating to me). She told me that she'd call me later that night but I'd have to check in with her and tell her that I'd gone out and gotten some exercise.

So, I bundled up, grabbed my iPod and headed to the park across the street. I walked for about half an hour before hopping on a bus and heading to High Park. I spent most of an hour just walking around the park. There were lots of people out and about and although my mood didn't change all that much, it was kind of nice to know that I was getting some exercise and soaking up some sunshine.

I know that the weather affects my moods so I have to be careful about that. I think that more little walks would be good and more sunshine!! C'mon sunshine!!!

I think that having her give me that push really helped. I am in a better mood today and feeling more secure with myself. I know that I'm not 100% yet but the fact that I had two really crummy things happen at the start of my morning (cold shower, forgotten lunch) and it didn't upset me says a lot about how much more centered I'm feeling today. I guess my endorphins just take a day to kick in!

My mom did call me back last night and we had a good long chat. I think that also helped me quite a bit. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who loves you about what's on your mind, no matter how irrational, insecure or absurd it might be in reality.
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