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Lunch found dead in warm room this evening at 9pm EST

Yup, that's what the headlines are going to read tonight when I get home. I managed to forget my lunch once again. This time however, there is an ice pack in the lunch bag so the food might just survive the day. We shall see! I'm (thankfully) not feeling as upset about it as I did last time I forgot the damn thing. I guess I wasn't looking as forward to eating it as I did the the other time.

In other news, I somehow managed to lose 3.5 lbs despite going well over my points this week. I think it's because most of the points were chewed up (no pun intended) in the first couple of days and the rest of the week was pretty good and included a bit more exercise. The other thing that might have skewed the actual points system is the fact that I have to guess at how much my cheesey bread is worth. There is no nutritional information on it, so I just keyed it in as "white bread, from recipe" which is pretty high in points. I might have over-calculated but I'd rather be over than under in that case. So, I guess I didn't do as badly as I was afraid I might!!

I had another cold shower this morning. Oh joy, oh bliss. I'm convinced that there's only one hot water tank. I even woke up half an hour earlier to try and avoid having a cold shower but all I think I succeeded in doing was waking up early. I think that I actually need to wait until later instead. I'll do all my preparation when I wake up and then jump in the shower afterwards. It's worth a try!
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