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Why is it that the ink cartridge in the printer always needs to be replaced right when you're in the middle of printing off an essay? Thankfully, I have an extra set of cartridges on hand just for such an annoying ocassion.

I finished my essay early last night. I had most of it completed but had to add in my introduction and conclusion. This morning, I looked it over again, did some tweaking, added a couple more points and then printed it off. I'm really curious to see how I do on this one because I've written it so differently from the last two. I found it flowed more easily writing it the way that I did and I find that I relied less heavily on quotes. I was better able to express my own thoughts, which I'm hoping works out for me as far as marks go.

I'd been hoping to squeak out the minimum of five pages a few days ago when I was realizing that I was having trouble getting some of my thoughts down on the page but the final copy that I just printed off contains the full six, which is the maximum! I'm pretty impressed with myself too because I think that it's actually six pages of decent quality! Only time will tell for sure!

Today is a relaxed day for me. Jboy is visiting with his daughter this morning, which makes me really happy, and I'm all done my work. I'm thinking of popping in one of my movies that I haven't seen yet and just chilling out. It would probably also be a good day to get some cleaning done and maybe some painting too... I'll see how the day goes. For now, relaxing is my main priority.
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