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I had to have a cold shower this morning... or rather a colder shower than usual. It's very rare that I can actually have a hot shower where I live and it drives me nuts. I think that there's only one hot water tank for the whole building. Brrrrr.

I packed myself a nice lunch this morning, had a little something for breakfast and managed to leave roughly on time.

I ended up taking one of my prescription meds to get rid of my migraine yesterday. It did the trick and the second half of my day went much better than the first half. I was feeling rather exhausted though.

Despite feeling tired, I offered to stay an extra half hour after my shift and then headed to class. I’d planned to skip class (again) but figured I may as well go because it wouldn’t require much other than sitting and listening. It got a bit tedious after the first hour but it went by fairly quickly.

After I got home, I decided to try and get the boxes organized so that they weren’t taking up all of my floor space. I was able to get them all tucked into various corners of the room and out of the way, which means I have a floor again! Now, I only need a bigger room and I’ll be all set! (In theory)

Today marks three months since Jboy and I first met. I can’t believe how quickly time is going by. *happy sigh* I’m heading over to his place tonight but he’s working up at the North end of the city now and gets off half and hour later than me. I think some shopping is in order!
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