Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

weary Wednesday update

Well, today has definitely started off better than yesterday! I packed my lunch AND remembered to bring it. Of course, I hung it of the doorknob so that I'd pretty well have to trip over it on my way out. So, I have a lunch and I'm going to eat it! I also brought snacks which I've been munching on hungrily. I did have a little something for breakfast but it seems that it wasn't enough to keep me from feeling hungry through the morning.

Last night Jboy and I hooked up for a yummy dinner at a restaurant call "One of a Kind Pasta" that's located on Queen Street. I've been there before and rather liked it so I thought it would be nice to go there together sometime. I was not disappointed. The food was great as usual and it's quiet enough that you can actually carry on a conversation without yelling.

After dinner we stopped at the store so he could grab a few groceries before heading back to his place. He worked on the computer while I tried to get some more reading done for my essay. I got a surprising amount done considering I was starting feel extremely drained and exhausted fairly early on.

I'm planning on heading over there again tonight. I have my laptop with me so I can actually do some more writing on my essay. Of course, if I'm feeling as tired as I did after work yesterday it would probably make more sense for me to head straight home. So far so good though. I started out feeling really drained and tired this morning but I seem to be perking up a bit.
Tags: essay, lunch, one of a kind

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