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I was feeling rather annoyed earlier. I wasn't in a very good mood because I got up early this morning, ate breakfast and then made myself a lunch which I proceeded to forget at home. It's still lying on the bed in a warm room, spoiling as I type. I'm so angry at myself for forgetting it. I had to go buy myself something that I didn't really want. Aargh!

The TTC was helpful in bringing my day down another notch. The streetcar took longer than normal, the subway was slow and then short turned at Union... I somehow managed to get to work on time but it was a frustrating trip.

*deep breath*

I been trying to work on my essay that I have less than no desire to work on. I wish I was at home. I wouldn't be getting any more work done though. I think I'd probably be sleeping.

In other news, I'm really glad to have gotten some of my stuff but I don't know where the heck to put it all!! LoL I'm all out of room on my shelf and pretty much every other surface is cluttered with stuff now. I'll have to figure something out!

I've starting using my weight watchers account again. I never closed it off, knowing that I'd probably want to get back on track with it once my life was somewhat straightened out. I have to stop complaining about my eating habits and my weight and actually start doing something about it... so I am. I'm just glad that I'd learned enough from being on it before that I was able to maintain my current weight instead of ballooning back up to where I was when I started.

I think it will actually be easier for me this time around too because I'm not in the middle of the Arctic. The food choices are much more varied here. Of course, that also means more temptation. We'll see where it takes me.
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