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stuff, stuff and more stuff... and some food

After work today, I decided that I'd come straight home to get started on my essay instead of going to class where I could hear a lecture on a text that I won't need to read in order to complete the essay. On the way, I realized that I really do need to start getting groceries and actually making myself meals. I hopped into the Loblaws that's right above my subway stop and grabbed way too much stuff (at least as far as ease of carrying goes). I felt like nuisance on the streetcar the whole way home because I had so many bags and it was pretty packed.

I got home and got to the door to be greeted by a bunch of my boxes that had arrived from up North. There they were, piled up outside the house on the front stoop. I was definitely surprised to see them out there but more surprised to see them so soon! I knew they'd been shipped but they got here really quickly! So, I have six boxes of stuff that I have no clue where to put. I have a DVD player and VCR but no TV to use them with. I am really happy to see most of the stuff though... like my Mexican blanket!! It's some of the funny little things that I'm most excited to have back in my posession but the biggest thing that I'm glad to have are my CDs! I'm importing songs into iTunes as I type!!

Needless to say, my essay isn't getting any attention whatsoever...but I have stuff and I have food! I also have no space to move around in my room but that doesn't matter!! Weeeee!!!
Tags: boxes, cds, essay, groceries, music, surprise

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