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Weekends spent away from home result in long posts

This weekend was an interesting one. Jboy and I went out for dinner together on Friday night and then headed to see a movie. We hadn’t really planned to see a movie but realized that we both were in the mood for one. So, we made our way over to the theatre and decided to see Brokeback Mountain since we were both interested in it but hadn’t seen it yet. I really enjoyed it but found a few parts hard to watch just because of my own family history. I found it interesting that the parts dealing with homosexuality didn’t bother me at all but the parts dealing with parents not getting along and a daughter reaching out to her father really hit home.

Saturday morning consisted largely of laundry. Jboy came by and we kept each other company while clothes got clean.

I had a pretty bad migraine so I took one of my lovely prescription pills and Jboy got to experience me "stoned". I was having trouble staying vertical at one point and I'm pretty sure that I was pretty incomprehensible at a few points.

We headed back to his place after the laundry was done and tried to relax. We were both feeling pretty wiped so relaxtion was definitely good. It didn't help that it was a disgusting day as far as weather went either. We got to his place soaking wet from some insane snow-rain hybrid that caused wet, slushy, slippery grossness to cover pretty much everything.

Sunday was pretty relaxed. We slept in and then headed out to get some food. We’d managed to miss supper the night before so were both pretty hungry by the time we woke up. I had a bit of a headache that proceeded to get worse and then finally started to break after the food was in my system. I think that it was probably just a hunger headache.

We rented a couple of movies and just relaxed for the rest of the day. I headed home fairly early in order to have a bit of time to put some of my laundry away and get started on my essay before heading to bed. Instead I found myself compelled to do some cleaning since my room is still in quite a state of chaos. I can now see the desk but pretty much everything else is cluttered. It’s very hard fitting all my things into one little room. I officially have more books than bookshelf space now too, so that’s a mess. There are books everywhere.

The basement apartment in my building will be available for April so I might move down there if I’m still planning on sticking around a bit longer. Of course, I have no idea where things will be by the time April rolls around and I might be looking for something a little more by then. Who knows!
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