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"If you suffer now, you will win later" -Pho Tin, Buddhist Monk

My class last night was really neat. We had a Vietnamese Buddhist Nun come in and speak to us. She told us about going to the monastery when she was seven years old and some of the troubles that she had coming to Canada because of the changes that she needed to make in order to live here. She was the first Vietnamese Buddhist Nun in Canada (maybe the first Nun in Canada) so she often had to explain who and what she is.

She also did a chant for us and we were all shown how to sit properly in meditation. She showed us how to hold our hands and told us what the four different types of meditation are (standing, sitting, lying, walking). Then she did a little demonstration of some yoga that she does 100 times a day (fifty in the morning, fifty at night). She sleeps for four hours from eleven until one and then from two until three. I don’t know how she manages to be so full of energy and life but she was quite amazing to listen to.

Apart from the above quote, Pho Tin gave us quite a few words of wisdom. One that I particularly liked was "If you fall one step, you will get up the next one."

This semester is going to consist largely of speakers coming in from different temples so I think it’s going to be pretty enjoyable. I just have to make sure that I convince myself that I want to go!!
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