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"Like every other being, I am a splinter of the infinite deity..." -Carl Jung

Merry Imbolc to those of you who celebrate it today.

Last night, Jboy and I hooked up after his second interview and he took me out for supper. We went to Spring Rolls, which was a nice change from the more standard fare that I'm usually in the mood for. We spent a bit of time talking about what we wanted to do for Imbolc tonight, so we have a few things sketched out now. I am really looking forward to spending this sabbat with Jboy.

I went to bed pretty early last night (ten o'clock) and set my alarm to go off half an hour earlier. I realized that I was waking up so late that I'd feel rushed in the morning. I didn't feel that it was a good way to be starting my mornings so I'm going to try and get up earlier from now on. This morning I found that it did make a difference. I felt more relaxed and calm, knowing that I didn't have to "hurry up".

I finally finished up the last few pages of reading from the other day and have moved on to the next set of readings. There is so much to get done! Thankfully, the new set of readings is (so far) much easier to read because it's Jung's recounting of his life in plain words as opposed to a lecture. I think that will make it much easier to get through.... hopefully.
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