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and she makes it to class...

I almost missed my stop on my way home from class tonight because I was reading my textbook!! Of all things!! I've only ever missed my stop twice and both times it was because I was reading. I've never missed my stop because I was sleeping (which I tend to do quite often on the TTC) but I've missed it because I was reading. I couldn't believe that it almost happened tonight because of a textbook!! I guess I was really getting into it! *insert scary music*

In other news, I'm in a tremendous amount of pain. I really need to stop wearing my heeled boots until I get insoles for them. I have blisters on my heels now and my legs are sore. I usually wear them when I'm feeling lazy in the morning because they don't have any laces to do up but I'm thinking that it's really not worth it!! I usually don't have quite this much trouble with them but I think that today has given me reason to think twice about wearing them again before getting nice, cushy insoles.
Edit: Yep, I'm actually limping around the house. How lovely! Hopefully my feet will feel better by morning.

Class was pretty decent tonight but I found that I didn't really take many notes so much as just pay attention to the prof (and even then, sometimes I was spacing out and getting lost in my own thoughts). I find the tutorial to be a waste of time for me but it seems that other people are getting stuff out of it. Either way, three hours of class after eight hours of work leaves me wanting to do a whole lot of nothing for a few days. Unfortunately, that will not be an option given the fact that I have to work and get this latest assignement started (at least finish up the readings). At least I actually seem to be enjoying Jung a little. I'm hoping that makes it easier to write the paper (unlike Freud).

So, despite the sore feet/legs and a bit of exhaustion, I'm feeling pretty good! Things are all right in my world tonight.
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