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I just finished my first painting since leaving the Arctic. It's one that I've been meaning to do for a while and finally forced myself to actually get it done. It's a very simple piece with nearly white trees on a dark background. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out even if I don't really have anywhere to hang it! If you're curious, please feel free to have a look. Aspen/Birch painting

I spent the whole weekend with my love. It was wonderful spending so much time together but it always seems to end so soon. We watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose on Friday, slept in on Saturday then met up with some of his friends, followed by a birthday gathering at a local pub for eumelosdrizzle's birthday. We had a really great time and there was much laughing and crazy storytelling enjoyed by all. I didn't get the chance to talk to C & J much though just because of the way the table was set up, which was unfortunate, but I'm sure there will be other opportunities. This morning we went out for brunch together and then headed to The Occult Shop since he'd never been there before. I picked up a couple of books that I'd been looking for and one that I wasn't aware existed but was pleasantly surprised to find. I've actually picked up a few good books recently that I'm eager to read.

This evening should have been spent doing laundry but the weather outside is so miserable that I can't be bothered. I still have a few sets of clean clothes left!! It's getting pretty desperate though. I won't be able to hold off much longer! I was just far too wet from walking in the rain to even think about going back out there tonight.

My roommate decided to feed me tonight. I tried to tell her it was okay and I didn't want any food but she insisted that I take "just a little". So I had a nice supper of brown rice, beef and veggies. It was quite tasty and I'm thankful that she shared it with me. My belly is now happily full.
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Its very nice. umm, the "copy" option on the view, does that mean any tom dick or larry can copy your artwork? That would make me hesitant to put anything up.
Eek... I don't know, I've never used the scrapbook before and didn't even see that option. *sigh* I'll have a look at it.
I really like your new painting. And the weird thing is that it is almost an exact visual opposite to the painting I've been trying to find the time for. ;) Mine is to be dark trees against a colored sky. :P
Wow, that's really neat!! We're opposites! I think that your idea would look really striking too.
I can't see it :(
(It's Erin, BTW, of the "There's a strange man in my house!" comment.)
Aha, that's because I switched the gallery to friends only... I shall befriend you!! Mwahahahaaaaaa
And...oh my. The painting is absolutely beautiful. Seriously. It is awesome. You lack a place to hang it you say? My living room is available... :) I checked out the other art on your website too..holy smokes. Are they for sale?? I love that other birch one too.
hehe, thanks for the wonderful feedback! I wasn't expecting people to like it so much! I haven't really thought of selling any of the paintings (most of them are still up North waiting to be shipped). I wouldn't know what to charge for them!! For the longest time I didn't want to part with any of them but I think that might be changing. Though there are some that I don't think I could ever sell.
Yes, well, art is, by definition, very personal. It's like letting someone read your journal.

But I still really like your paintings and would cheerfully stare at them for extended periods of time.