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The girl is back in town

I'm back in town a day early. I went to my dad's this weekend and had a really nice time. My step-mom is still being a bit weird though. Not much we can do about it though. I think my dad's coming to realize that she's not going to change and he doesn't want to live in constant suspicion and fear. That's not what a relationship should be about. It's sad, but that's what the universe dishes out sometimes. So most of the weekend consisted of justt my dad and I hanging out. My step-mom didn't want to do anything with us, which really means she'd rather wallow in her own misery and talk about how she's feeling so left out...bla bla bla. Of course that probably worked out for the best because Dad and I were able to have some fun just the two of us. We went and looked at this gorgeous big house on a nice country property just outside of Stratford, hung out at the park in Stratford (that's where he lives) and just talked and today we went to the zoo here in Toronto. We were supposed to go to Port Perry to check out the boat they'd bought recently but halfway there Dad realized he didn't have the key, so we came up with a plan B really fast. It was a perfect day for it and we had a really nice time.

In other news... I have this whole week off, which means I'll be catching up on schoolwork... ugh! I'm still a little bit congested from whatever it was that I caught earlier last week, but it's pretty well gone.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that Dad and I also went to this little farm place near Stratford and I was able to pick up some nice coloured Indian corn and some wheat along with a little cornucopia made out of wicker for my altar. I was thrilled because I'd been wanting some but didn't know where I could get some (seeing as I don't have a car and live right in Toronto).

I'm thinking that I'll try and get some cleaning done this week too. I don't know if that's actually going to happen though. I actually have a lot to do for both school and cleaning here. If I can get it done I'll be in good shape though, and it will probably make me feel better. I can't stand the mess but I get so bogged down that I can't bring myself to clean it... not to mention I never know where to put everything anyway...

anyway, i'm rambling now, so I'll just stop

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