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dreaming of sight....and zombies?

Last night I had more strange dreams. I'm intrigued by some of the symbols in the dreams but haven't given them much thought as of yet.

The first bit that I remember involved me trying to get to this hotel room that Dee was staying in where I was going to visit her. She was in town with her bro and I was with someone (Jboy?). I remember driving up a fairly snakey road to get to the hotel and realizing that the hotel was more of a resort, spread out over a wide area of land. I was looking for room 27 (which is Jboy's house number - not something I noticed during the dream) but the numbers on all the buildings I was passing were wrong and seemed to be going in the wrong direction (ie - going from 42-47 instead of down to 27). I pulled up to what appeared to be the main entrance, went in and turned right around a corner to the desk where I asked which room Dee was in. I gave the clerk her first and last name and he looked down on his paper for her name but told me that he couldn't give me that information. He wasn't allowed to tell anyone the room number of a guest. Naturally this made me a little distraught and I think I mentioned something to the person who was with me. I remembered that the room may have been in her bro's name but it was too late to ask again. Somehow I found them but I don't remember much other than having to pack up my belongings so we could go.

There is something hazy in the back of my mind that happened where I had some surgery (while in the hotel room?) on my right eye. I remember seeing stiches in my eye and I remember it changing to appear more like an animal eye with a vertical slit and an almost whiteish/grey coloured iris (I just now have freaked myself out by doing a google image search for just such an eye and finding the first result to be an alligator eye - Did I notice that yesterday? I don't recall but seeing it just now has me feeling very surprised).

I remember trying to open my eyes after the surgery and not being able to see out of the right one right away. I just saw the colours yellow and red (like you see when your eyes are closed and stare at the sun) and I knew that it was because my new eye was having trouble adjusting to the light after not being able to see properly for so long. It cleared quickly and I was able to see very well. I looked in the mirror to see if it looked strange but it had been changed to look more human and appeared almost like a contact lense of a whiteish iris with a human pupil. There was something irritating it though and I thought it was a piece of hair but it turned out to be part of a stitch and I remember trying to cut it but I couldn't cut through it because it had something stiff in the middle (like a twist-tie). I fought with it for a little while but eventually it resolved itself. I remember being a bit worried about pulling the stitches out entirely (which I knew were there even though I didn't see them when I looked in the mirror).

With the irritation out of the way, I walked over to the window to look outside. We were in a room fairly high up so I was able to see right over all the buildings to the horizon. I realized that I had binocular vision in my right eye now (a trait that I remember leopards have) and was able to see incredibly well. Now, most of you don't know this about me but my vision in my right eye is quite bad, especially at night. I can see a fair distance with both eyes open but my right eye can only see clearly for a few feet. I find the fact that it was this eye being operated on in the dream to be very interesting. I found myself really liking my new eyesight in the dream and the way it looked. Even now, a few hours after waking, I'm feeling this odd attachment to it. I want my white eye. I can't explain it but somewhere in the back of my mind I'm thinking that it's a purely psychical eye and is not meant to exist on the physical plane.

[Edit]: Since typing this up, I've remembered something from earlier in the day yesterday. When I was at work, I remarked to a co-worker about how I was going to fix my vision with my mind. We'd also been talking about being psychic or clairvoyant and being able to see things in dreams before they happen, or perhaps as they happen. So I'm thinking now that my dreaming mind has conflated the two and has attempted to fix my psychic vision. Do I think that this is "just a dream"? No. Do I think this is pointing to something that is manifesting in my life on possible both the physical and mental/psychic plane? Yes. Am I reading too much into this? You may think so but perhaps now you are getting more insight into how my own personal spiritual ideas work.

[Further Edit]: Something else to mention that hazelbranch just hit on and I forgot to mention is the fact that I seem to be internalizing the elements of each of the symbolic animal spirits that I saw in my dream the other day. As Hazel put it, perhaps I could be absorbing the energies of the nature spirits that could help me. The leopard is a symbol of "reclaiming one's power" so that would most definitely be appropriate and the alligator's symbol of "rebirth" or "creation and destruction" points to a breaking down of barriers in order to be able to create something. Very pertinent indeed.

I had another dream where there was much weirdness afoot but it was more just random strange... I was at my Aunt/Uncle's house in Summerstown. I remember someone rolling my car backwards into traffic with me in it (the person was like a zombie and my breaks couldn't stop the force of their pushing) but I stayed calm, got out my keys, started the car and headed on my way. There was a cart that I picked up at the side of the road for some reason only to discover it had garbage in it. I put it back. I remember seeing fish jumping in the river (my aunt/uncle live right along the river) and thinking something about that but it's gone now and last but not least... I remember driving through a camping/trailer park place that you're supposed to have to pay a toll to get into now but you didn't used to. I have no clue what any of this means and it didn't feel that important to me.
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