Raven Lord

The dry spell has ended as my dream inspires creativity

So, I managed to squeak out a poem based on the dream I had the other night. I'm not sure if I actually LIKE it, but it's something.

A dreaming mind

Some strange dreams
Snippets here and there
Outside on the front lawn
In a smaller town
A painting with some leopards on it
It came out of the painting
With spots only on one side.
The other side was tan
No spots to be seen
As though the artist had run out of paint
It ate the painting.

An alligator appeared
While consoling a small boy
I noticed it floating in the air
Much smaller than an alligator should be.
It was a symbol
Of the person he had lost
A sign that the person lived on.
It’s movements ribbon-like
A banner blowing in the wind
Almost like a dragon
Or a snake

It ended suddenly
I cried out and passed out
Frightening myself awake
What had I seen in that closet?
What lurked there in the unconscious of my mind
That I could not look at
That attacked my mind
Causing me to black out
In a dream
And fall to the floor
What am I afraid to see?
What is it that I cannot face?

Twisted images stayed with me all day
The feeling of falling
The moment of fear
Etched into my mind
Hearing my own scream
Echo through my head
What I can’t see
What I can’t bear
What I must face.

Meghan Roth
January 20, 2006
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