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I'm not feeling so great this morning. I had a bunch of weird dreams last night and am just feeling a bit run I called in sick this morning. Now I'm starting to think that not feeling well, all alone, at home, is worse than not feeling well at work. Mind you, I found the last few hours at work kind of taxing yesterday so maybe it's just a matter of perspective. One thing is for sure. I am going to have to go to my class tonight. We're getting our exams back and I already missed the lecture last week because I wanted to go straight home instead. Right now, I'm feeling the urge to curl back up in bed and fall back asleep.

A funny thing (or perhaps more appropriately - a sad thing) happened at my doctor's appointment the other day. I was mentioning how I'd like to switch back to the type of birth control pills I'd been on before I moved up and north and he said he had no clue why they'd even switched me to another kind. He also mentioned that they'd switched me to an older type of pill (that he used to prescribe in the 80's) and a stronger dosage!! The whole point of me switching when I was up north was to get put on a lower dosage. I think I must have had one hell of a look of shock on my face. I didn't even bother explaining the whole situation because I was so shocked at the level of screw-up that had come to pass. Originally, the doctor who I'd seen forgot to write the prescription (after saying she'd look up what would be milder) and so they had to send it to the doctor in another community since the doctor had left our community. Turns out something was lost in the communication as to what was supposed to be prescribed because all this time I've been on a pill that is the exact opposite of what I was looking for. I'm just glad it was something minor like birth control and not painkillers or something that could really mess me up!! The incompetence of it all just astounds me. So, my doctor agreed to put me back on my original prescription which I'm pretty happy about.

The idea of going to class tonight is really making me unhappy. This is not the best day of my life.
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It's a good thing that you mentioned your BC pill!! I've been watching the borrowed "House" DVD season and it has already covered the topic of mistakes with prescription drugs on the doctor/pharmacist end. Scary stuff. I'm glad that they are putting you back on what you want.
I hope that you feel better and have a good class despite the day.
All my love, Kalee, and my wishes that you feel better (make sure my namesake gives you much hugs and lovin)

And I'm not surprised R.E doctors...i can't count the times they've screwed up the BC on my end. Put me in the hospital it did cause they kept misdiagnosing it as BC problems! I really and truly feel that most doctors, even women ones, are not properly trained in women's health care.