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snowy, springtime weather

I headed to work this morning thinking that it felt an awful lot like spring. Spring in January. It seemed funny to think of it. Then it started snowing a few hours later but it's still relatively mild... so now it feel like a snowy spring in January.

My doctor's appointment went fairly well yesterday. My blood test results were all fine but I still have to wait to find out the results of the other tests I had done. They take about a month to be completed. The waiting continues. My doctor seemed pretty confident that nothing would show up but we'll see.

I'm feeling a bit down today, which I'm sure is just really carry-over from yesterday. I think my brain is on over-analyze overload. I tend to get ahead of myself and start thinking/worrying about things that aren't really relevant right now and will most likely work themselves out when the time is right. I think, for the most part, it can be chalked up to worrying/thinking about the future. I need to remember to just go with the flow and let go (as someone pointed out to me yesterday).

Yesterday when I was feeling particularly melancholy I was so glad that I was able to be held in my love's arms. He didn't ask anything of me. He didn't try to "fix" me. He just accepted me, held me, listened to me and let me know that he loves me. He truly is everything I need.

One of my co-workers said "Don't you love crushes" to me this morning. I replied: "I hope that I always have a crush on my boyfriend". It's been two months that we've known each other and my "crush" is still going strong.
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I am SO happy for you that you have found such a considerate and wonderful guy to hold you and accept you and comfort you.

Looks like he's living up to my good name!

*hugs from me* I think mabye a visit from me is in order, what are your plans next Friday?

Oh...and I figured out who J boy reminds me of. Moby! heh heh!
He is pretty wonderful and he's definitely living up to your good name! ;) That line made me laugh btw.

Next Friday, I'm all yours!! I'd love a visit. I might be able to get off work a little earlier too because I have some "flex time" saved up.

Jboy actually gets that a lot. :D I also see the resemblance though I don't know if Moby is as nice to kiss. hehe