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I'm definitely feeling a lot better today. The stuffiness is almost gone and now it's just a bit of congestion in my chest which I'm hoping doesn't get any worse. I can deal with it at this level but not much more.

So I've been reading a bit about Thelema, partly because userinfoLadyDogstar has been talking about it and partly because someone on one of my egroups was talking about Chaos Magick which led me to Crowley's stuff, which just happens to be the Thelemic stuff. DUH! I did not know that! All this time I've been thinking how much I'd like to read Crowley's stuff only to end up practically tripping over it! So I've been reading it over the past few days...still a lot to go, but I'm finding that a lot of it I knew already. Most of the information is based on Hindu and Buddhist practice (ie - asana, prana, samadhi) all these things that I learned in my religion class. It's kind of neat actually... kind of redundant for me too, but there is enough difference to it that it's keeping my interest. I've really been wanting to learn more about Chaos Magick, so that's what I'm going to do next, but I figured that seeing as some of it is based on Thelema I may as well read that first. I've been interested in learning about Chaos Magick for a few years now actually but just never could get myself to actually sit down and learn about it. I'm bad for that. It's something I have to work on... the actually doing! I'm great at coming up with ideas but the follow through just isn't always there.

As for this weekend, I'm heading to my dad's again. Have a great Turkey day to those of you in Canada, and a great weekend to those of you who aren't!

until next time.....

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