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What would Carl Jung say?

This morning I was pleasantly awoken by a call from my sweetheart. He is taking care of his daughter today and was up early. What a wonderful way to start the day. The only problem was, I didn’t want to get up and get out of bed! I just wanted to lie there dreaming happily with a smile on my face. I eventually managed to get up, get showered and get to work on time despite my resistance. I’m glad that I did too because work’s been pretty good this morning. I’m in a fabulous mood and feeling like my usual geeky self. I’ve already been told once that it was too early to be singing! LoL Believe me, the way I was singing, it’s never late enough! I was being goofy, what can I say!

Tonight I have a doctor’s appointment to go over my test results from my last visit. I’m hoping everything is okay. The testing doesn’t bother me but waiting to find out if everything is okay drives me nuts. I always worry that they’re going to find something obscure or terrible (or both). Usually I end up with nothing to worry about so I don’t tend to get myself worked up about it but the nagging in the back of my mind is still there.

My workday seems to be going by fairly quickly today. Not to slow and not too busy. It would be a good day to get some reading done for class… alas, I have done nothing of the sort. I have, however, completed the crossword puzzle from the Metro newspaper. I found it to be less than challenging today. It was still rather enjoyable though.

Now I’m wondering what I should do this evening. I have nothing scheduled apart from my doctor’s appointment. Hmmm… the possibilities are endless! …or are they?
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