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nail biting and the universe

I’m really noticing the difference since I’ve been trying not to bite my nails. My cuticles, for on thing, are looking a lot better and although I still catch myself biting my nails every now and then but stop myself as soon as I notice. Most of the time it’s not really conscious so I’m fairly pleased that the effort I’m making is resulting in a visible difference.

Last night I made some rice for myself to bring to work for lunch and proceeded to forget it in the fridge. I guess that means that I’ll be having it for supper instead. I’m not going to be getting home until well after nine o’clock though, so it might end up waiting one more day to be consumed.

Today we’ve actually been fairly busy at work. It’s definitely nothing compared to the volume of calls we got when I worked at Moneris but it’s steady. I think the atmosphere being a bit more laid back here also helps. It’s really nice having a job that I actually enjoy doing. Contrary to how I used to feel at other jobs, when I wake up in the morning and am not feeling 100% I think about going in to work and it motivates me. It’s a really great feeling. I can’t help but think that my positive attitude/thinking that I was doing after moving back to Toronto really helped me “key in” to something that would be good for me. Even though I had many rough days, I really felt that the Universe was listening and putting things in motion. Now I’m hoping that the same will happen for my dearest.
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