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I lost my metropass this past weekend. I was so upset because it was just the beginning of the month and I had to spend $100 to replace it. I still haven't found it which leads me to believe I actually lost it somewhere when I was out on the weekend as opposed to just misplacing it. Thankfully I got a bit of extra money this month and was able to get a new pass... I'd just get bus tickets or tokens if I didn't use the TTC so much, but I use it to go everywhere. On Tuesday alone I used it 4 times.

So my week didn't start out too great. Now I'm sick for the second day in a row. I felt a sore throat coming on when I was at work on Tuesday so I stocked up on lozenges and took and echinacea (sp?), but sure enough, I had a full blown sore throat the next day. Today my throat isn't as sore, but I'm so insanely stuffed up that I can barely breath through my nose... I had to call in sick to work yet again. It drives me nuts too because this is the third time this year I've had the same virus/cold, whatever it is and each time I go to the doctors they can't figure out what it is and tell me that I'll just have to ride it out! Last time the sore throat got so bad that I ended up on the floor in a ball, crying because it was so painful!!

I'm really hoping this goes away soon because I have vacation next week!

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