Goth face


I lost my metropass this past weekend. I was so upset because it was just the beginning of the month and I had to spend $100 to replace it. I still haven't found it which leads me to believe I actually lost it somewhere when I was out on the weekend as opposed to just misplacing it. Thankfully I got a bit of extra money this month and was able to get a new pass... I'd just get bus tickets or tokens if I didn't use the TTC so much, but I use it to go everywhere. On Tuesday alone I used it 4 times.

So my week didn't start out too great. Now I'm sick for the second day in a row. I felt a sore throat coming on when I was at work on Tuesday so I stocked up on lozenges and took and echinacea (sp?), but sure enough, I had a full blown sore throat the next day. Today my throat isn't as sore, but I'm so insanely stuffed up that I can barely breath through my nose... I had to call in sick to work yet again. It drives me nuts too because this is the third time this year I've had the same virus/cold, whatever it is and each time I go to the doctors they can't figure out what it is and tell me that I'll just have to ride it out! Last time the sore throat got so bad that I ended up on the floor in a ball, crying because it was so painful!!

I'm really hoping this goes away soon because I have vacation next week!
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I get it every year too in September though, normally the end and it spills over into October. We were all sick here, and it went straight to my chest this year. I'm still having residual effects, although it's been almost 4 weeks.

I sincerely hope that you're feeling better soon and that you don't get it as bad as I did. Sleep, fluids, you know the tune.

Yep, that sounds like the same thing to me... it's in my chest now. I'm glad that the sore throat didn't last this time, it was killer! I think making sure I didn't go to work combined with loads of sleep and orange juice helped. It was the blocked up sinuses that had me down yesterday... at least when it's in the chest I can think straight (well for the most part), but it sure does hurt like a sonofagun when I cough! Eek!

Hope you and yours feel better soon. It's no fun feeling icky.
It's possible that it could be allergies hon...have they tested you for that?

Naw, I know I have allergies and I know that wasn't it. Mainly because I took my allergy meds to alleviate the stuffiness and it didn't to a thing. No I'm pretty sure this is some kind of bug... one of these days I'm hoping my immune system will learn how to fight it without getting me so darn sick.

Hope you're feeling better too!