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pondering clarity and obscurity

As you all may have figure out by now, I write poetry. Over the years some of it has become more obscure and metaphorical and I'm currently contemplating whether or not to put little notes in the margins of my books to remind me what I wrote them about. Some of them I have no trouble remembering but every now and then I come across something that I have no recollection of. I wonder if I should leave it that way. If it is meant to become a mystery over time that even I can't solve.

I ask then... what would you do?
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I say don't write anything in the margins about the meaning of it... meanings can change over time and sometimes you get different things from the same words depending on your current outlook etc. Perhaps the title itself could give some kind of clue though?
Yeah, that's what I'm kind of thinking too... As for the title... most of them don't have one.