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Two days in a row now I've glanced at the clock right at 11:11. Is the universe trying to say I'm supposed to be making a wish?

Edit:Now I looked at the clock at 1:11 ... very strange indeed.
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After "9/11" happened, Karl and I would look at the clock and it would say 9:11 all the time. It happened for at least a year or so. It drove us crazy because we both thought "9/11" was such a stupid title in the first place. When I was 12 someone read me the Amityville book, and for a very long time afterwards I woke up at 3:15 every morning. This month for me it's been 12:23, which is my birth minute. Maybe we have internal chronometers like Data after all. :)
Wow, that's really interesting! I think that some of us are probably more sensitive to these kinds of things than others too.