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Tonight I got home from work and actually made myself food. That's right, I cooked supper for myself. I can't even remember when the last time I cooked was and I've only done it a few times since moving here. Tonight, I made myself rice and stir-fried veggies. It was really yummy and I probably ate more than I should have but at least I was eating decent food. I was really proud of myself for having actually made the effort to cook instead of just falling back into my habit of going out or ordering in.

After I'd stuffed myself full of food, I packed the rest away to take to work tomorrow and proceeded to get my laundry done. I waited for the washer to finish, stuffed it in the dryer and took off to return a movie that's very overdue and pick up a few minor groceries. When I got back to the laundromat, my stuff was almost done drying and Jboy was on his way to meet up with me for an evening walk. We ended up doing very little walking and more sitting at a restaurant chatting. It was good though. The whole point was to be able to spend time together afterall.

Now, I'm just finishing up with getting the laundry put away before I head to bed. It's been a pretty good day but it's pretty late and I'm tired. I'm pretty impressed with myself for getting so much accomplished though. It's a good feeling.
Tags: cleaning, cooking, food, jboy, laundry

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