Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Got back from my dad's last night. It was an interesting weekend... my step-mother has starting drinking again and her and my father are seperating. He's really upset about it, especially because she's been lying to him about it, but I think he knows that it has to happen. If she's not going to take control of her life, no one else can. This is her problem and only she can work it out. I think it was nice for him that I was there too... emotional support. After I told her how I felt about it, she was barely able to look me in the eye for the rest of the weekend. That's ok, maybe it will actually sink in and make her realize that she needs help. I am glad that my dad has a trailer that hasn't sold since the last time they split up for a bit... at least it gives him somewhere to go where he can be alone. There's no point in him being home because she just keeps bringing up the same things over and over, but nothing changes. I feel so bad for him because he really wanted things to work out... we all did, but now he's seeing that he has to let it go. He doesn't know if he could ever trust her again. Once you start lying, it's impossible to know how far you would go... so he doesn't know if it's even possible to mend things at this point. It's really sad and I can see that he's really hurt by it. As for me... I'm mostly just disappointed. My priority is my dad and making sure he's ok. Last thing I need is him getting so upset that he has a breakdown.

I was so exhausted today... probably from the whole visit. It was a bit tense and stressful. We'll pull through though.

I'm going to see the musical "Rent" tomorrow! I've been waiting a few months for this date to come and now it's finally here! It's too bad that it's on a Tuesday though because it's supposed to be ThreeWitches night, but there's always next week. Besides, I might go out on Thursday with the girl(s) anyway.

I am in serious need of doing some cleaning at some point too... I just haven't had the energy lately. It's awful. This sleeping in the afternoons has to stop! Thankfully I have some vacation time coming up soon. I'll probably go to my dad's for a few days and then just chill for the rest of the week. I'd rather be going to Mexico or somewhere else exotic, but alas, I haven't the money for that... So I'll just have to pretend. *wink*

I think I'm rambling... too much sleep causes foggy head. *grunt*

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