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A new poll for a new filter

Okay, so I've been giving some thought to setting up a filter for some erotica/kink writing that I've been thinking of posting. I figure it's not everyone's cup of tea so if you're interested in being added to it you're going to have to let me know by just chosing "yes" in the poll. The results aren't viewable to anyone but me, so no worries about your other friends knowing how much you like kink! ;) I think I know some of you who would like to be part of the filter but I won't make assumptions so you won't be added unless you indicate that you want to be. I also won't promise a lot of content in this filter but I figured instead of just posting private posts I'd ask you guys if you'd like to read them. I don't mind sharing them, just don't need to offend/upset anyone. So without further ado....

EDIT: I can put the posts behind an lj-cut for those who would like to be added but are concerned about whether or not the stuff would be "work-safe".

Poll #646751 A new filter

Do you want to be included in the new erotica/kink filter?

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