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This time a few years ago...some poems

I was looking at some of my old writing yesterday and came across what I found was a very interesting bit of synchronicity in the form of two poems. What I think I find most fascinating is the fact that the date when I read them is so close to the days they were written. They are both poems and should be work safe but I'll put them behind a cut just so as not to take up too much space. Another thing that I realized when I read them yesterday was the fact that both of these poems were written when I was single, so they aren't about anyone in particular.

Originally written January 6th, 2003
Waste not the days
From now to then
Or any in between
If fish can fly
Then so can I
Or I could also swim
Walk the miles
From here to there
Or take a Sunday drive
Hear the sounds
Open your mind
Do not turn away
The road is rough
With ups and downs
And holes along the way
Hope I’ll keep
Until the end
That you will come along
I’ll love you so
‘Til the sun does set
And you will love me too
While the sun goes down
For the very last time
And I sleep at last
In the end with you

Originally written January 7th, 2004

My beloved, my soul
You come to me
On the dark wings of night
Haunting my dreams
And disappearing with the light.
You leave me hungry for your touch
For the gentle pain of love
In my waking hours
You are naught but a shadow
A memory, a fire in my heart
I wait for you
Not just in dreams
But in the flesh
To touch you for once
While I am awake
And know you are real.
That you are mine
As I am yours
For more than just the night.

Originally written January 7th, 2004
Such tender flesh is this
Your soft skin beneath my fingertips
I can't help but touch you
I am drawn like a moth to a flame
Unable to look away
As you lie there asleep
Softly breathing
Next to me
My love
My heart
My fire.

Tags: love, poem, synchronicity

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