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From New Year's Eve to the present

This past weekend went pretty well for me. I got to spend most of my time with Jboy. Simply delicious!! What a treat for us. We hung out at his place, then went to Burlington to visit Dee and the gang for New Year’s Eve, followed by a movie the next days with Hazel and Eumelos. There were a few times at the New Year’s part where I found myself laughing so hard that I was crying. I couldn’t tell you why because I actually don’t remember (I can’t even blame it on alcohol since I wasn’t drinking) but I do remember having a few good laughs as we all played DDR and Karaoke Revolutions. We found out (after hearing him sing “Beat it” and “I’m Coming Out”) that Jboy sings better as a falsetto. He was a really good sport when he saw that we’d picked “I’m Coming Out” for him to sing. We all had such a blast!! We also played a couple of board games that got us laughing, mainly this one called “Imaginiff” that involved imagining if a certain person of the group was something (i.e. – a colour, a fruit, a song, etc…) and then everyone voting on which of the available options would be most appropriate. We definitely got some good laughs out of it. We stayed the night in Burlington and then headed home late in the afternoon the next day.

Monday was movie day and we went to see Narnia. It was pretty good. It didn’t knock my socks off but it was definitely enjoyable. We headed out for some grub afterwards which resulted in much chatting, laughing and getting Eumelos very interested in DDR. Mwahahahahaaaaa From there we headed to Chapters (which is often trouble for me) and I ended up buying $100 worth of books. Of course, this morning I realized that I’d had a coupon in my wallet for an addition $5 off that I’d totally forgotten about!! I’m sure I’ll have another opportunity to use it.

Yesterday I got to head to the old training site and train E who was hired at the same time as me but still hasn’t gotten her clearance yet. I told her what it’s been like on the phones for these past few weeks and some of the things that stumped me. It was fun and I think it will give her a fresh perspective on it too. It also meant I got to go home early, so I headed over to Jboy’s place and hung out with him for several hours before heading home. I even managed to head home at a reasonable time for a change! Now that he’s got the internet up and running (as of this morning) I can chat with him online from home too! That will be nice…although, I’ve gotten so used to his company and the sound of his voice on the phone that I think it might be strange to switch to instant message. We’ll see. At least now he can get some of his freelance work done.
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