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Less meme-ing, more updating

So, I realized that I haven't posted anything real since before the holidays and figured that I probably should...because I just KNOW that you all are sitting at home, staying up late, waiting with baited breath for me to post something. I shall not disappoint!

Last Friday night I stayed at Jboy's place (now that we know that his room is sufficiently cat-free for my allergies) which was really nice. It's great knowing that we actually have somewhere that we can just relax now. Of course, we both had to be up early on Saturday and because I couldn't remember the exact time my train was leaving at, I ended up having a bit of an anxiety attack... I headed home just after six o'clock in the morning (which meant I'd gotten very little sleep) with a knot in my stomach that lasted the whole day. I realized shortly after getting up that my alarm at home was set to go off at 6:30 and I wasn't going to be there to turn it off... enter more anxiety. It was going off for about twenty minutes before I got home but thankfully it wasn't nearly as loud from outside the room as it sounds from inside the room.

I managed to sneak in about another hour of sleep before hastily packing up my stuff and heading to the train station. I also slept on the train, waking up at each stop and whenever my head rolled forward into an uncomfortable position (you know the one). My stomach was feeling a bit more settled but still a bit queasy and it didn't return to a more normal state until the next day.

I spent Xmas eve at my half-brother's place with my Dad's side of the family. It was really nice and much laughing was had by all. Dad and I spent a good part of Xmas day watching depressing movies and then had supper with my Nana. Boxing day was more of the same before I headed home.

The hardest thing for me was knowing that the people that I really wished I could have been spending time with weren't there and I couldn't be with them. Jboy had gone out of town to visit his daughter and Dee was at home with her family. I was able to talk to both of them on the phone but it's just not the same.

I found it strange how much I missed being so far from Jboy for the weekend. Usually, at least in my past relationships, I've looked forward to time apart (maybe that says something about my past relationships). I tend to be a pretty independent person and like my alone time but I guess with us living apart, I get enough of that. I was thinking that it's just because the relationship is still "new" but when I think back, I realize that's not the case. I relished my alone time even at the earlier stages of some of my other relationships. I guess I just really like this guy! What can I say!!

Tuesday Jboy and I hung out together. I stayed at his place really late and ended up being completely wonky at work (three and a half hours is not sufficient). I wasn't as mentally exhausted as I thought I'd be but my body was definitely ready to give up on me.

This weekend I'm heading to Dee's for New Year's Eve. Jboy and I are both really excited about it and looking forward to it. There will be much DDR and Karaoke to be done. I am definitely hoping to see Jboy to do a bit of both... with any luck it won't take much convincing!!
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Our upstairs neighbours' alarm clock went off this morning, and they're gone away for a couple of days. Fortunately, Craig has the key to their apartment, so I ordered him to go up and turn it off.
Hope you have a wonderful New Year's with your new fella.