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You can keep Christmas and I'll take Yule

So I dragged Jboy out to the Keg Mansion last night for our little Yule celebration. It was all part of a very carefully crafted and partially last minute plan. It really only unfolded in my mind as the day went on. I’d started out with a book and a CD for him (the CD of course was the Rent soundtrack) and suddenly had the thought to get him something for each of his five senses. Having sight and sound covered I tried to think of things to get him for the other senses. When picking up a present for someone else, I grabbed a few extra little items that I realized, once I got back to the office, would work perfectly for the sense of smell (they were scented candles). I knew at that point that I was going to be dragging him out to the Keg Mansion and therefore had the sense of taste covered, which left only touch to figure out. Then, while sitting at my desk, I looked at the two little Inuit carvings that I have and knew that one of them should be his. The package was complete with one exception… I wanted to get him some Nag Champa incense as an addition to the sense of smell portion of the gift. So, I dragged him up to a store on Yonge Street and told him to disappear while I bought it, which he did, and then we headed to the restaurant.

We decided to exchange our presents before eating and I plunked the bag full of sense enticing stuff onto the table. I loved how pleased he was with the things I’d picked out for him. The book, he said, he wouldn’t even have thought of for himself but it was something that he’d been really interested in when it was shown to him originally. It was nice to be able to surprise him. Once he was done unwrapping everything, he said that he felt like he should have gotten me a billion (or was it a million) more things. I don’t know what he was thinking because the stuff that he gave me was so amazing that I really didn’t know what to say. First he pulled out a little box (saying something about how hard it is to keep me from buying things for myself) that contained this Fossil watch that I’d been threatening to buy. Needless to say I was THRILLED…and then he pulled out another box. It was a Fossil tin that they make to go with the watches but the best part was what was in it. Jboy had made me a necklace using a holed stone (fairy stone) that he’d had for a while and some fimo beads that he’d made and also a little “sculpture” of sorts for my altar. The sculpture consisted of little bits of things that he’d collected over time like a little crystal, a little sun button a root and a piece of a twig…. I have to find a special place for it where I can admire it. I absolutely love it. So simple, yet profound. Then, he reached into his back again (this is right about when I gave him “the look” that said: how on earth could you have thought you should have gotten me more!?!) and pulled out a CD of songs that he’d made for me. I listened to it at work this morning and absolutely loved it! It reminds me so much of him. Then he pulled out a stuffed patchwork bear from his bag that had come with the watch purchase. That was something that I’d known they were giving out so he didn’t get another dirty look.

With the gift exchange completed (and the arrival of our food) we got down to eating. I couldn’t believe how delicious it was. I’m always impressed with the food there and enjoyed every exquisite bite. Jboy told me that his was also delicious and, unlike me, he actually cleared his plate (I’m still wondering where it all went in that little body of his). I also tried their special holiday drink that consisted of eggnog and some exorbitant amount of alcohol, topped off with a cinnamon stick. It was quite good!

It was so beautiful enjoying each other’s company in such a romantic atmosphere. The mansion really is a gorgeous place to eat if you don’t mind spending a bit of money.

We headed off to take in a movie after we were done eating. We saw Memoirs of a Geisha, which has been getting mixed reviews, and rather enjoyed it. It was slow moving in a couple of parts but overall I liked it.

We were both pretty tired at that point and headed home. He kept me company while I waited for the bus and called me after I’d gotten home. He told me that he’d lit the candles and the incense and had the Rent CD playing. It sounded wonderful and I wished I could have been there with him. It’s sometimes a bit difficult not having anywhere that we can just chill out and watch a movie or hang out… but we manage quite well. Perhaps the effort is what makes the moments we have together that much more special.
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