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Now that my exam is behind me, I'm feeling a sense of relief and the urge to be consumed by something not school related. I'm also feeling the conflicting urge to get a head start on my readings for the second term. I'm pretty sure that the first urge will overpower the second. I've started reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell today and am really enjoying the way that it's written. I've heard that it's a really good book and I definitely think it will provide a nice change from the dry scholarly stuff that I've been pounding into my brain. As much as I might complain about my dry scholarly stuff however, I do enjoy it on some level.

I'm feeling really well rested and upbeat today. That might have something to do with getting things accomplished but also it might have to do with the fact that Jboy and I are going out tonight and doing our Yule exchange. I'm currently contemplating evil plans to overthrow the current plans that we have... mwahahahahaaaaa
Tags: exam, jboy, reading, secret plans, yule

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