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Exams complete and weekend perfection

I wrote my one and only exam tonight. I was worried about it, as you all know, but I think I actually did pretty well. There was one question that I knew I was going to have trouble with but it was only worth 5 out of 40. I gave it a shot and wrote what I could come up with but I'm sure it's pretty lacking. I did however fill up one booklet and then some for the main question. I imagine I did pretty well on that one. With any luck I'll pull off a 70%. I'll be happy if I get that. I wrote for most of the three hours but at one point I realized that I'd exhausted my knowledge and didn't even worry about it. I got up, handed it in and off I went. I didn't feel nervous or stressed about it at any point.

I got to spend most of the weekend with Jboy. It was wonderfully awesome. We headed over to zinderfine and daririb's place on Saturday and spent the whole night there. It was so nice being able to relax and spend time with him in a casual setting like that. I had a great time singing bad paganized Xmas carols, listening to Zinderfine's music collection and singing along to some Tori songs while Daririb played them on the piano. There was so much fun to be had and many hours of it!! Despite a run in with some cashews at the beginning of the evening, I have to say, it's one of the best nights I've had in a long time! At one point, Jboy and I fell asleep together, just before it was time to go. I can't really explain how it felt but it was, for lack of a better word, perfect. I was so comfortable lying there next to him that I was disappointed that it had to end. When I got home later that day, it felt strange falling asleep alone again. We actually crashed at hazelbranch and eumelosdrizzle's place for a bit before heading home (since we were exhausted and the subway wasn't running yet). We each grabbed a part of the couch and slept head to head for a few hours before heading out to find some food and then head home to catch up on some more sleep. We'd both had a great time at the party - singing, laughing, playing guitar and all sorts of stuff but pulling an all-nighter sure does result in many hours of sleeping! Thanks to our wonderful hosts for putting it all together!! Thanks to ethaisa and beith for giving us a lift too!!!
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