If only I could make time stand still

I had such a great weekend. Jboy left work a bit early on Saturday so that we could head to visit with Dee and F. We got in just after seven o'clock and headed out for Pho. Little A was with us too, which was a treat. He's such a neat kid! If I ever have kids, I'd like them to be as intelligent, polite and charming as he is. While we were at the restaurant, Dee gave me my Xmas present. It's a beautiful knife! She always seems to be able to find such wonderful gifts!

After the restaurant, we headed over to F's place and chatted for a bit. F, his brother and Jboy all got into some crazy discussion that I know involved Star Trek but lost me part way through. It was just nice seeing everyone having a good time and getting along well. I was only sad that it had to end so soon.

On Sunday we headed downtown and did some shopping. We bought very little but just had a nice time hanging out at the mall together. Of course, I got scroogey at one point when I started to get pissy about feeling obligated to buy presents. I'm one of those people that has a love/hate relationship with Xmas. I don't mind treating people to little prezzies, especially my close friends and family but damn it all, it's the expectations that I hate. Most of the people I know are cool, so I don't have to worry about it too much...but I digress... After our shopping excursion we decided to head to the movies and see Rent again. Yes, we saw it again. It was just as good, if not better, the second time. It's definitely not a movie for everyone but we enjoyed it.

We headed to Tortilla Flats afterwards to just sit and chat. We drank hot chocolate and sat on the same side of the booth while the the other bench remained empty. We stayed there until midnight when they closed. Then we took the streetcar over to Lansdowne and shivered together in the bus shelter. Part of me was wishing it would never come despite the fact that I was extremely tired and very cold. I can't help it, I just love being with him.

Time sure seems to fly when we're together. I wish I could make it slow down.
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I tend to spend lavishly, especially on Laura... but I think that's mostly just because I'm overly spend happy when I get going. I don't like buying oodles of prezzies, or feeling obligated to do so. It's like I told you today - do what your heart tells you, it shouldn't become a chore. If you look back over some of the Cato things I've posted (near the beginning) he talks about giving. The price of the gift is not important, in fact it is completely secondary to the thought one puts behind the gift one chooses freely to give (no srings attached).

Sounds like you had a good time with Jodi... say hi next time you see her.
Yeah, I usually prefer to give people something special than just choosing something at random because it's a certain day of the year. Like I said, on the one hand I love being able to spend money on my friends and family, it's totally the cases where I feel cornered into it that drives me nuts. I'd kind of like to make something for people, as I think I mentioned to you already but I don't even know if I could figure out what to make before Xmas! LoL I'll get it all sorted out, I just had a moment the other day. ;)

I'll pass the message on to Dee when I see her next, though I don't see her very often.
Hihi! I just sent you an email and invited you to join thousandcats. Go here to accept ye olde invite, please. :)

Also, I feel the same way about xmess prezzies. I've trained my bio family not to expect anything from me, which frees me to make things for them without pressure. This is happymaking, because I do enjoy giving, but the expectations of having to give... meh. People miss the point, then.
Invite accepted! I got your email too but can't check it at work. I'll respond to it later! :)

Most of my family doesn't expect anything from me either but I'll often get a little something for them. I don't see the need to spend crazy amounts of money on things that people may or may not need/want/like. As you said, when there is no pressure/expectation it's a much more enjoyable thing.