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So I'm just getting the email notices of posts that people sent me in response to things I'd posted in November... very strange indeed! Oh well, now you all know why I never responded to you all those many days/weeks ago.

Work is going well. I started taking calls yesterday afternoon. I have someone sitting with me and listening to the calls but I'm doing all the talking and inputting now. I'll probably be starting on my own next week, providing I have a computer by then. One of the girls at work said that she was impressed at how quickly I was getting the hang of it. I'm pretty sure it's just because I already have the soft skills from other call centres. I think it's going to be pretty good though.

Tonight, after work, I decided to walk up to campus instead of taking the subway. It wasn't too cold outside and I figured the fresh air and exercise would do me good. I'm glad that I did walk as I found it refreshing and it gave me time to just wind down from work. The lecture tonight was great too. It was a review in preparation for the exam. The prof pretty much told us what's going to be on the exam...without actually giving us the question. I've had a class with this prof before so I knew that this prof gave really great reviews. It was definitely worth going!

Things are stilll going well with J-boy. We don't get to see each other much but we talk on the phone at night. We usually talk for quite a bit of time too. I wish we could hang out more often but it gets annoying when the only option is to go out somewhere. I'd just like to be able to chill out and pop in a movie at home. Unfortunately, that's not an option. We're both living in places where we can't have the other one over and we just have to work with it. Everyday I am more surprised by his considerate nature and thoughtfulness. I am still unsure about so much but I know that I'm glad that he's part of my life.
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