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The training goes on as does the essay writing

I got another chunk of notes done for my essay last night. I have some coherent thoughts outlined and I think that I've finally figured out what my argument is going to be. I have four and a half pages of stuff written out at this point so I just have to put it into the proper format and expand some of the ideas a bit more. Of course, I forgot to email it to myself this morning so I could work on it over lunch so I'll just have to wait until after my class tonight to continue with it. I tried to write a bit but I was missing almost a whole page of notes from last night. I figured I may as well just wait instead of trying to write and possibly repeating what I've already done. I'm hoping that I can get it done tonight but I think that it will probably take me until Saturday if I actually want it to be decent. At some point I really need to get working on my Buddhism readings and review too.

I managed to get to bed before midnight last night too. Just barely though. I finally got off the phone at 11:30pm. Thankfully, I haven't been too tired at work... or at least not any more tired than usual. Bored, yes. I'm eager to get into the office so that I can actually hear the other agents taking calls to better see what it's like. We've been doing call scenarios but it's not the same as what happens on real calls. I've always found that I can only get so much out of a scenario. I don't know why. I think part of it has to do with the artificial nature of it. No matter how serious you try to be, it's just not the same. The flow is different and everything. It's definitely better than nothing though!

Right now I'm just killing time on campus in one of the libraries before class. Of course, I should probably start packing my things up now and actually head over to the other building. I almost went home instead but I missed last week's class because I wasn't feeling well and figured it wouldn't be good to miss the last actually lecture class of the term. Next week will be the really important class though. It will be the review class and this professor is awesome with his reviews. He pretty much spells out what you're going to need to know for the exam. Who knows if I'll even have any energy to work on my essay by the time I get home!

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