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I see that I've been a bit delinquent with my updates! I shall blame it on the wonderful distraction that is J. We've been hanging out a fair bit, getting to know each other better and just having a nice time. Sometimes it means that I stay up a bit later than I should but usually it's not too bad. We get a ton of exercise too since he's not allowed here (no boys allowed) and I can't go to his place (three cats and no girls allowed) so we usually end up walking for hours. We both usually end up shivering at some point, he usually shivers more than me, but it's nice just to be out together.

Tonight we went out for dinner together. Nothing fancy, just Swiss Chalet, but it was yummy! Afterwards, we headed over to Future Shop for some browsing of games, music and DVDs. I saw that the new PS2 Karaoke Revolution game is in the stores. I'm curious to see what it's like since it apparently has basic dance stuff along with the singing. From there we headed over to blockbuster and I picked up a few movies. I bought the one that I accidentally returned the other day without watching, since it was almost the same price to buy as it was to rent, and grabbed a couple of others that I've been wanting to see. I also hopped into the grocery store to grab a few things since my fridge has been frightfully empty lately and, being the gentleman that he is, he offered to help carry the heavier milk bags. We were both exhausted by the time we left the grocery store that we just kind of collapsed together on the bench while we waited for a streetcar. It was nice and relaxing. This is definitely the earliest night we've had yet! Good thing too because I think we're both in need of some good rest... of course, I said goodnight to him about half an hour ago and he should be fast asleep now. Of course, I'm still up giving Dee the goods on what's been going on. I feel like I'm floating on a cloud!

I've been working on an essay that's due December 5th for the past few days and I'm finding it's going well but tediously. It's on Freud, who I really don't find all that interesting to begin with. I have a bunch of stuff written up, mostly random thoughts, notes and some quotes, but nothing coherent yet as far as structure goes. I have some points that I definitely want to argue but the essay topic is pretty specific so I have to make it fit. Of course, I'd much rather be doing pretty much anything other than studying and writing on Freud. I actually think I'm starting to understand him though. I don't necessarily agree with much of what he says but I'm understanding it. I have to make sure I get it done over the next few days though because I've got a full weekend of wild and wonderful activities!
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