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I meant to post this yesterday and then got on the phone and stayed on the phone until 1:00 am. So... I guess I'll just go ahead and post it now. Todays events will have to wait for tomorrow.

November 23rd
Work was pretty good today. We got to do a bunch of scenarios which helped tie a lot of the information we'd been learning into a more coherent whole. I find myself getting frustrated trying to find all the appropriate information necessary to complete a scenario though. I'm sure that's pretty normal but it drives me insane. At least by the last scenario we did I'd managed to complete it fairly well with minimal help. It helped that I had some pretty good notes from the previous days. The notes also helped in making "frameworks" too. I realized I had most of it done already, just had to put it in table format. I think I have everything pretty well sketched out now but I'll run it by the managers to make sure I haven't missed anything (or maybe I'll run it by a few reps if they're good). Sooo much information... I need a microchip for my brain that can just download it all.

I got myself a replacement art bin on my way to work this morning. I transfered all the stuff into the new one and found the missing plastic pieces at the bottom under all the paint tubes. So, I guess it was smashed in transit. I didn't insulate it very well because it's plastic and I didn't figure it would be fragile enough to worry about it...what I forgot to account for was Arctic temperatures! At -23 degrees the plastic is no longer flexible and able to take an impact without cracking. I'm guessing that's the case here. I might try and patch it up and use it for something else now that I have the extra pieces but I'm not sure if it will be worth it since it's a pretty big hole and it won't be as sturdy. It might be useful for something though so I'll hang on to it and see what I can do.

I picked up my last two boxes tonight after work. One was my sewing machine and the other was a little box of miscellaneous stuff. There's still a list of stuff that's going to be sent to my mom's and a few boxes that will be sent to my Dad's but I'm undecided on some of the other things. I'm sure it will all get figured out sooner or later.
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