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Essays and boxes

I tried to skip out on class tonight. I felt tired, spaced out and had a headache... but I couldn't just skip out completely since we were getting our essays back today and getting our new assignment. So, I sat through the class, which thankfully ended early, grabbed my essay and bolted! I flipped to the back of the essay and saw that I'd gotten 70%!!! I was absolutely thrilled!! I'd definitely spent more time on this essay than usual, spreading the writing out over a few days instead of cramming but it was by far my best writing ever and I was worried it was actually pretty lacking...hence why I'm thrilled by the mark I got. I was worried that I hadn't done well and wouldn't have time to meet with the prof to figure out how to fix it... no need to worry about that now! All I have to do is improve on what I did last time!

So two of the four boxes that B sent to me were at my door tonight when I got home. That was a rather pleasant surprise as it means I only have to pick up two at the post office instead of all four! Yay!! So, I eagerly open the first box and I see..... socks! There's a wallet there too but that's just the stuffing I put on top. The good stuff should be down lower. *checks* More socks...a belt... undies... a picture of Dee... another belt...Anne of Green Gables... (no really, the good stuffs in here too!)....votive holders wrapped in a pillowcase...more of the same in another pillowcase....a tin of miscellaneous items and my artist soap... my box of essential oils....candles, moraccas, pDA case, glasses case and...wait for it... ART SUPPLIES!!!!! My gel mediums, acrylic gesso, older watercolour paints, some clay, some tape and some glue!!

I box number two we have ... MORE ART SUPPLIES...and a bra thrown in for good measure! This is the box that had my art bin in it with all my acrylic paints. I don't even want to know what they did to it though because the bin (like a plastic toolbox) is smashed and broken on one of the bottom corners. *sigh* What really strange about it is that there's this big hole where it's smashed but the missing plastic bits are nowhere to be found. Nothing else seems to be missing though. If only I had some duct tape! Oh well, the bin only cost $15 so I might just grab another one tomorrow since the art supply store is really close to work.

I bought a little cart on my way home from school/work tonight so that I can pick up the other two boxes tomorrow and actually transport them back to my place. One box will be my sewing machine but I'm actually not entirely sure what is in the other one. I'm sure I'll find out soon enough!
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