Went and saw Harry Potter with "the gang" tonight. It was really good but I'd totally forgotten the whole story so didn't know what was coming at all! It was kind of neat and kind of odd all at the same time. I find it interesting that my brain forgets things so much!

After the movie we all headed over to a nearby restaurant to grab some supper. That was a blast and a half and at one point I ended up crying because I was laughing so hard (mostly at my own expense!). I'm glad I got to go with everyone. It was fun just to hang out and chat for a while. Of course, the movie was awesome too but not really conducive to socializing.

Now I'm tired and fighting of a headache that just doesn't want to go away isn't helping. I'm thinking I'm just going to make it an early night since I discovered this morning that I'll probably wake up early anyway, regardless of whether the alarm clock is off or not.
*major hugs*

It was awesome, I'd forgotten the story too...so it was a surprise at the end.

I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

Love you.