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There's the snow!

We are getting our first snowfall today and I'm really enjoying it! There are little flurries coming down, the temperature isn't too cold and the air is fresh and cool. It's nice.

I made it through my first week of training and got paid for it! No more worrying about money!!! I have enough for rent with a bit left over! As a treat to myself, I splurged and bought a potato peeler, can opener and milk container so I can buy the bags instead of the boxes! Okay, so maybe it wasn't THAT much of a splurge but I also bought myself a hat yesterday because it was so cold and if you put the two things together I spent about $15!

I also now have some parcels to pick up at the post office which should be my art supplies!!! Thankfully the postal outlet isn't too far away so I can bring a little cart and walk back pretty easily! I'm probably going to head over there tomorrow before I meet up with the gang for Harry Potter viewing. I'm really really really looking forward to seeing it!! It should be a really cool day I'm thinking!

I had a good chat with J last night. Just random chatting but it was cool. I was tired but ended up staying up for a while and just enjoying the conversation. He confessed that he's really interested in seeing the movie Rent (this admission seemed like the confession of a dirty secret). I told him that I really wanted to see it too and proceeded to look up the opening date for it. So we're going to go see it together when it comes out next week (I think). I've been wanting to see it since I saw the trailer for it back in June and was so thrilled when he said that he wanted to see it because now I have someone to go with!

I'm sure there's more I could say but I can't think of what. I think I'm just too tired. Time for bed!
Tags: art supplies, boxes, harry potter, pay, rent, snow

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